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Décidément Mia, j'aime beaucoup ce que tu réalises
Je me surprends à attendre ton courrier comme on attend une amie
Merci du partage

Mia, sounds like there may be many more trips to Venice in your future. Glad you had a wonderful trip. Love your pheasant with or without grass.

Hi Mia, Sounds like you had an awesome time in Venice and the sights that you were able to visit were phenomenal! The colors that you chose for your pheasant are wonderful and I like the painted grass with touches of embroidery. Gives it a 3D appearance with the pheasant and grass in the forefront of the scene.

I'm glad you loved Venice.

And I love your pheasant. I like the simplicity of the few embroidered grass strands with the painted background. It gives a definite mood of sparsity and wind-swept, hungry end of winter.

j'aime beaucoup cette broderie, surtout les différents points sur l'oiseau
Effectivement, la broderie de l'herbe manque un peu en quantité, mais le tissu peint est suffisant

Cute photo of you! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like a great experience for you and made me move Venice higher on my list. The pheasant is beautiful and it's face has such a perfect expression - you are too critical of your own work!

Your pheasant is just perfect...wouldn't change anything about it.
Glad you enjoyed Venice and love your photo. We visited several years ago and you are right to say that nothing can prepare you for the reality of the experience of being there.

Glad to hear your trip was a success! As for that lovely pheasant, wonderful as it is, but a bit of embroidered grass with colors or perhaps textures found in the pheasant would reinforce your camouflage theme.

Mia, love the photo of you. As someone said earlier, you are too critical of yourself. We are always our own worst critic. I think the amount of embroidered grass is just about right. The pheasant is gorgeous. Have you thought of doing a pheasant with the greening of spring. Would be an interesting difference between the two.

Memories, memories! Sounds like Venice is one that brings out the dreamer in you. Perfect to hold on to forever. You take a lovely photo.
I like the effect of painted and embroidered grass. Enjoy looking at your pheasant. Good job.

The pheasant just looks like it is standing in a field of straw. Took me me back to when I lived on the prairies in Aberta Canada

Mia, sounds like you are in "Heaven on Earth". Have a great time and take lots of pictures to share with us that will never go there....

Lovely photo of you! I've been to Venice twice and it really is unique.
I think your pheasant is beautiful as it is!

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