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Hi Mia, I have never heard of transparent fish but the photo is awesome. Your first rendition and interpretation of a school of transparent fish is lovely and really captures the transparency of your embroidered fish. Have a wonderful time in Italy!

Love this design! Have fun in Italy - can't wait to see what inspires you in Venice!

What a wonderful concept. Do they make transparent embroidery thread that isn't monofilament?

The leaf showing through the fish is amazing. I wonder how you would do that? Embroider both leaf and wispy fish over top?

Lots to think about, and I really like your first experiment!

Have a wonderful trip to Italy, and I hope you come home energized and full of new ideas.

Have a wonderful trip. The look of the transparent
fish one on top of the other is amazing ,sure gives ideas on other things that the same look could be given

Your fish are always my favorite and these are beautiful! The transparent fish is most fascinating. Have a great trip to Venice and I'm totally jealous!

WOW, never knew there was such a thing as transparent fish, so had to look them up. There is also a transparent butterfly. I love how you digitized the fish, to show one on top of the other. Enjoy your trip to Venice.


Woo hoo..Italy..what fun! How adventuresome and thoughtful of your husband to whisk you away. Another Memory making time. Know you will collect ideas to use later. Have a nice latte for me!

I like your transparent fish. They look like they are dancing.

I can hardly wait to see what creativity Venice stirs. I hope more animals. Enjoy your trip.

Mia, How interesting your message this week! I loved the 10 transparent creatures posted by Ramona above. This reminded me of the transparent crayfish and little fish that are in our Cumberland Caverns in TN. Been there many times and since it is a cave, that is why they are transparent. You did a great job with your Transparent Fish. Love the stitches you used, and the background looks so real, the whole design looks like you are looking in a fishbowl and they are waiting for food...Great job! Have a GREAT time in Italy....!!!

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