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Wow, Mia, your work never ceases to amaze me.
Job well done on both of these...but this is a show of what can be done to change, with a big impact!

I agree with the "Wow!"

I like the first pic. When I saw it, I didn't know why you'd want to change it. Then I saw the 2nd. Wow. I do like the undergrowth added, but I think my favorite things are the added painting in the background of the ground and added roots.

I may actually like the first Trees of Royal Deeside best. I'm still looking and trying to figure it out.

Fantastic! Agree that the first one looked bare and thought that was the finished product before scrolling down and seeing the end results. It's wonderful to follow along with your thinking process and your design development. If I could digitize, you'd really inspire me. As it is you inspire me to look at nature with a clearer eye. Thank you for sharing.

O Mia! Al the embroidery is so great! You are a gifted artist! Thank you for sharing!

Love love love your more is better trees. I can see a murder of crows sitting in the branches of the first picture taunting a cat on the ground and sheep grazing under the woods of the second picture. Happy Easter weekend.

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