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Hi Mia, Your new deer looks so realistic with the camouflage background of your hand painted fabric and foliage. The foliage you digitized reflects a similar curvature and style of the deer's antlers, which I think adds to the camouflage of the deer. Thanks for sharing your new fabulous design with us.

Oh,Mia, Have you been in my back yard lately. This looks so realistic - we have 5 deer that live in and around the woods around our house. We see them early in the morning below our house and later in the evening across the fence in our backyard. We have a bird feeder there and they will come up to the fence and look right at us wanting the corn that has been culled by the little birds. One day 3 were in the back yard during a soft rain for over 4 hours. It was so much fun watching them. Didn't get much done that day...What an Artistic Mind you have, and your creations are right on. Thanks, for sharing.

Very nice!! Peaceful and serene not gloomy!

I agree with Gail -- I love the way the tree shapes curve with the antlers.

I hope you see bright colors and sunshine on the snow and that dark and dreary turns into excitement as spring comes.

Great job with the camouflaged deer. I really like the details on his face. Thanks for sharing. I can totally relate to the gloom. Today has been our warmest day with sunshine. Finally was able to mow our lawn.... about 8in deep. Tomorrow thunder showers. :(

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