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Hi MIa, This design is so unique! The stitches that outline the cat give a realistic scruffy fur appearance. You have outdone yourself in your hand painted fabric this time, especially, when you enlarge the picture to see it up close. The way you digitized the fish in the cat's stomach provides a fun effect along with the cat's very satisfied smile. Thanks for sharing your new embroidery art work with us. Gail

Love the cat and and the mischievous look on his face. And, your previous project of the castle and crows is now one of my favorites. Of course, your latest creation always seems to move to the top of my list of favorites. :-)

Oh, I love it! Definitely personality showing, and you're right that the scruffy coat is the perfect detail.

Oh yes, very satisfied with his self. I really like it, but was just wondering if the satin stitch around his stomach could be changed. To me, it doesn't really fit with the rest of the scene.

Love this!!! It does make you smile!

Just made me smile!

What a great design. I love it. My 2 kitties wouldn't be caught eating fish. They think they are too good for it. I have spoiled them after rescuing them.

Mia, love this. that cheshire cat smile. too cute!

Hi Mia, I'm playing catch up on emails. This cat is so cute. I love his smile, like the cat who ate the canary but fish instead. Thanks

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