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I so understand your fascination with crows. There is no color to distract from the living textures of multiple feather lengths--true complexity. In the wild they are bold, often raucous, and do what they choose. Crows feel equally comfortable by themselves or in a large group. The mysterious, magical, living metaphor for women of a certain age...

It looks just perfect to me! Fascinating details ...

Again, the details and color blending are amazing!!!

I love this one. Very nice stitches, they make it look wonderful. The stitches on the head are especially nice.
Thanks for sharing.

Wow!! Love the way you problem solve and your persistence. The image paired with the explanation of how you accomplished your vision ....superb.

I think you have done a great job. I love the wing and tail feathers and the small feathers at the top of the feet. Those really bring him to life.

In general, I do not like the Crow Bird, but yours is beautiful, it looks so real, it's a great success

Love your crow. The feather detailing is incredible. Our mamma crows pull all the down feathers from their tummy and legs to line their nests with. They look so funny with bare legs. Thanks again.

VERY NICE! You are right -- the complexity is so hard to show with an all-black subject.

love him. So complex!

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