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Thank you for explaining how your zentangles are made. I would not have guessed. You are very creative and talented. Your work is beautiful. Thanks again for sharing with us.

This is great.

I keep going back to look at the before embroidery and the after. It's amazing that in some areas the painting comes through so recognizably but in others it fades to barely subliminal.

I think the grays come through strongly on the deer's legs, and the browns along its back, but the brown spots on the shoulder and neck that are so pronounced in the painting aren't really noticeable after the embroidery is added. I'm wondering if it's that specific color, if it's the density or distribution of the embroidery in those areas or something else?

In the painted version, my eye is riveted on the deer, but in the embroidered version, my eye circumvents the deer, but is drawn down to the bottom of the piece where the lighter area is. I'm almost expecting a pool of water or something like that, but instead the white makes me think of sky, as if this is an ethereal deer stalking the forests of imagination up where the eyes are drawn as we create.

But maybe that's too fanciful, and I'm up too late.

It's very beautiful
I will like learning this

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