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I love everything about this! What is the name of the font you've used? And I bet the whole thing looks even more impressive at full size rather than on my laptop screen! What is the actual size?

Thanks for your lovely comment! I've just measured the panel and it's 12 inches wide and 16 inches long. That's way too big for my machine so it was "pieced" on the machine - that is, I stitched one part, re-hooped and then stitched another part

The font is, I'm afraid, just my ordinary handwriting, tidied up a bit with a few modest serifs added, and then digitised

Don't apologise for it being your own handwriting… that's great because of course it makes the work even more unique. Thanks for sharing this with us, very inspiring.

I think this is my favorite yet! I love the autumn colors, the stamping on the fabric, and the way you did the embroidered leaf outlining. The not-quite-satin stitch with varying angle and that little bit of jagged look on the leaves is perfect in the way it mimics the jagged edge of some species of leaf. I also like the interacting postures of the geese.

Well done!

This is very nice, is it to late to ask for the design? I also loved that your own hand writing was digitized especially for the design, Loved it!

Would love to have the geese design if it has not expired. The neck on the top right goose is so in character with the way they move. Nice job!

Love the geese. I hate hearing them going overhead in the fall as it marks another life cycle going to end....sleep. in the spring when they return it sends a sense of rebirth and nature is coming alive.

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