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I'd love to have that beautiful bird, Mia! Thanks so much! I currently don't have the larger hoop, but I suspect I'll be getting it soon. ;)

I'd love it Mia Please! I have a large hoop:-)

Magnifique!!!!!!!!!! merci

This is a lovely bird! I would love to have it! My hoop is a jumbo that fits the biggest
Thank you very much,
Linda Hudson

Hi Mia, Love your bird and the gold color thread that you used and as always it is a spectacular design. I bet it would look great with a metallic thread. I was thinking that the feathers might look neat done in variegated threads too. My largest hoop is the 6x10 (150x250). I do have the Viking software that I could resize it down. One of these days I would love to get a machine with the larger hoop. Gail

I have the Diamond from Viking and although I have the mega hoop, I have never used it. Mostly use the 5x7. Just haven't been adventurous enough, lol. But I would love this design, I can handle the 6x10. Thank you!!

It is beautiful as are all of your designs. I have the big hoop as well. I fave a Viking & a Brother. Thank you for your generous giving.

This bird is awesome and I would like to have it. I would love to own a big hoop, but unfortunately I just have a 5x7. Maybe later....

Hi Mia! I would love to have your beautiful bird and I have the larger hoop. You are so talented!

Oops, I forgot to thank you for your generosity. Shame on me.

I would love to have the bird design. Your work is lovely. Thank you.

I would like to have this beautiful bird. Thank you!

I would like to have your beautiful bird design.

The largest hoop that I have is 5x7-inch. I have a so called "mega hoop", but it's only for a split designs.

Lovely bird. I just love your work and would love to have that bird. thank you.

Good morning! I would like to have the bird. Thank you for making such a lovey bird available to us!

Love the bird design. I have a Brother ULT 2001 with an extra large hoop so hopefully I can get your bigger designs. Thank you for the free designs that you do.

I would love to have the flying bird. I have the smaller hoop. Thanks

Heavenly bird (really). I would love to have the design. I do have a larger hoop (Bernina Jumbo). Hope your scanner is back up and working!

Happy New Year Mia,
I have the bernina Jumbo hoop and would love to have this beautiful bird.
Love the work you have been doing for shows.

Can you send me your lovely bird? I have the Pfaff Elite hoop which is 7.9 x 10, so it can handle a larger design. Thanks!

Dear Mia,

Flemming and I just discovered your amazing blog and we are deeply impressed by your work. Especially your "optical goat" reminds us of the most charming goat ever - George of Winchborough. We have a lot of happy memories from that time (and so far we live happily ever after...)

Please let us know, if you would like to get back in touch - we would love to :-) (my email: pia.madsen@ph.au.dk)

Keep up your fantastic work.


I would like to have this bird...it's beautiful....I can accommodate 4x4,5x7, 7x10 sizes...thanks so much Betty Allen


Beautiful bird, Mia. I have the jumbo hoop for the Bernina 830E - it is 9.5 x 15"(241mm x 378mm) or thereabouts. Would love this bird. Thank you so much..

Your bird is fabulous. You have quite a talent. And yes, I have a very large hoop.

Yes, please may I have the bird? Yes, I have a large hoop. Thank you, Joan

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