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These are very visually appealing. I love the diversity of the background!

I love all of the varied stitch patterns and designs that you are incorporating in your zentangle zodiac designs.

Love Zentangle style - for me are great.
Thank you for sharing,

I like it! Hmmm. Trying to figure out what the "not quite right" might be.

Could it be that the satin stitch has to be too wide to hold the applique down? Would it look more balanced if the satin stitch were narrower or maybe stitched at an angle instead of perpendicular to the outside line of the body?

Not sure. Maybe I'm missing everything you're thinking is "not quite right."

I think they look great. Love the hair, especially, and the stitches chosen for the body.

catchy...the figures suggest solid center + graceful tapers without looking either too athletic or too skinny--nicely done! for me the 'haircut' is bit like feathers but on second thought, at a loss to suggest better general stitch shape. funny, I used to work as tester for video game company and even as simulations got more realistic the one thing that still gave every designer trouble was how to adequately model the characters haircuts :)

Please let us know when you decide to see these. I especially want to purchase the Twins, if they'll fit in my 5x7 hoop.

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