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The kitty is adorable and I would love to have her.

I have two Tabby boys and one feral Tabby who lives on my front porch. They remind me of your cute design - which I would love to have.

Thanks so much.

Oh my!!! I am typically allergic to kitties, but this little precious darling is just perfect for me. What sort of cat food does he prefer? I will have a bag ready for him by the time he arrives in my inbox!

She is a very cute kitty. I would love to add her to my 11 real fur babies. Thanks

Such an adorable kitty. May I have her too?

What a cute kitty - suspect he would get along just fine with my baby. I'm a cat lover from waaaay back! May I please have the design - thanks so much!

I would love to have this kitty. I recently lost Wizard whom I had for 10 years, but he was overweight and had some health problems. I have another cat name Percy, she is about the same age, and she brings me joy.

Another great design! I would love to give your kitty a new home.

I'm a cat lover and this design resembles my Flash!! I would love to have this design.

This is adorable. People in my house would love a kitty like this - but unfortunately my allergies prevent it.

I would love to stitch this kitty out - I'm sure my allergies can take that.

I would love to have this design

The is an adorable kitty and I sure would like to have her.

May I also please have the cute kitten? This one will stay a kitten forever.

You've outdone yourself again. Such a cute kitty. I'd love to have her.

The kitten is great. I would love her.
Jane in KS

She is so sweet. I would love to try her. Please send her to me. Thank you so much.

I would love to give this kitty a home, since I can't have a real one since I rent. Beautiful!

Your kitty is spectacular and her coloring is so realistic . Your background fabric is fabulous as always. Do you think a variegated thread would work well for the brown fur? Would love to have your kitty!

This is a cute little kitty and I would love to own it. Thank you!

I too would love to get the kitten. Very nice!!

Wow, the cat is just beautiful! I would like to make one! You are very talented! Thank you

super mignon
merci de me l'envoyer

We have a cat who helps me with ALL my sewing projects! Would love to have this pattern. Thank you!

Yes, I would like to give her a home! Thank you for the thread color tips. I can almost pet the laptop screen...Thank you.

I would love the kitty too! I am fascinated by your experimenting and creative process.

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