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I really love the painted fabric for the appliqued rabbit. And the slightly spiraled waves of stitching for the burrow are really interesting, too. Thanks for sharing your process, and I hope it garners much attention at the exhibit!

This is amazing! You should do more of a similar nature and have a show. You've hit on something unique which is highly prized in the art world. Congratulations!

This is a charming rabbit. It is a clever technique. I am enjoying looking at the design and wondering how you did it! Thanks for showing it!

Love your rabbit. He looks so lonely in his burrow. You've captured him perfectly. I think your new technique has a lot to say. You are a true artist, whether in painting on canvas (material) or embroidery. You are inspiring to all of us. Keep it up.

Mia, one again you have out done yourself! Love, love, love your unconventional way of creating art! I have a rescued rabbit. This is so comforting to me. It makes me feel like the rabbit is warm secure and happy being protected. I am going to try to do this and pass a small wall quilt along to my rescue group who once a month travels to different pet stores to educated, inspire and hopefully get people to adopt love and care for a bunny. Thank you so much!

I was born in the Chinese year of the Rabbit and am drawn to artistic depictions of them. Your embroidery is extraordinary. The bunny looks safe and cozy in its burrow but the eye says more--rabbit is alert and present. Surrounded by womb-like layers that protect and focus. Also calls to mind the book Watership Down. Thanks for sharing!

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