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Hmmm. I don't think of native art when I see it. My eye is drawn to the four on the ground first, then my eye slides to the one taking flight. I think it works. The painted fabric background seems perfect. It's bold enough for the birds, yet it doesn't attract the eye until other things have been studied. The colors blend but are varied enough to be interesting. And the stitching technique on the birds really works.

The middle bird is the one that grabs the eye first, and my eye keeps coming back to it. It almost has an "expression" of pondering, pondering the one taking flight. Something in the angle of the head and the thickness of the neck below the beak.

These are quite charming! I like these birds!
Thanks for showing them.

Earthy colours and these quail egg spots on the ground make it so warm and real. The only truly naive art part to me is a flying one. Simplicity of rectangles of its wings brings naive art to mind, also some fabric under its tail, maybe.... I do see why it was sold, once again it is warm and real...

Just like people...interesting individuals. The color of the piece as a whole is very calming and pleasing. I'll be re-looking! Thank you for showing us.

Congratulations on selling this piece of work. You continue to inspire us. It is definitely not native. They remind me of our native quail but without, what I call their top hat. Thank you for sharing with us.

I think it's very visually diverse and appealing. I don't pretend to know anything about art, just what I like and don't like. This goes in the "like" column1 It's that perfectionist in you that surprises you when someone likes the work you never see as perfect. So you have someone looking at this (many people really) and thinking, "I just love this" while you're thinking "Well, I should have done...." Congratulations on your sale; you're sure to have many, many more!

Congratulations on your sale! Personally, I think this is a phenomenal scene and you utilized your various types of stitches over the applique fabric with strokes of genius.

Great job. Congratulations on the sale. I love the painted background. Each bird has its own expression and personality. I really like what you have done with the over stitching. Thanks for sharing

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