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I'm very interesting by the applique
I like your second dove
Thank for this

The doves are very elegant.

The doves in your second technique are very elegant. Love them. thanks for showing hem and explaining how you did it.

I think the word elegant comes up in the comments so often because it's a perfect fit. Your second dove reminds me of fine white gloves at an afternoon tea party. She just oozes class.

I agree that applique fabrics add a subtly different look than when using all embroidery. For one thing, you can change the background color dramatically. If you use a lighter applique fabric over a dark background fabric, the eye is automatically drawn to that lighter area.

I applaud your experimentation, and THANKS! for sharing the results with us. I love your blog. It's a great resource for beginning embroiderers.

Love the overstitching, by eliminating the satin stitch on the first applique you have softened the look of the doves. They certainly look more realistic like many release doves at weddings or special gatherings. Thanks for sharing and your dedication to reworking an older piece for us.

The new doves are fantastic! I love how you're always trying to improve your techniques, and this one is a big leap forward. Congratulations!

Your techniques are outstanding! Thanks for working so hard to achieve such lovely designs!

As I already told you in an email, I really loved this idea of applique and hope others will be inspired to do it as well! Yes, I would love to have this design... Thanks for all your beautiful work and sharing them with all of us.

Love your doves and would love to have this one. Thank you so much for your generosity.

I like this design also...But the 1st one is my fav..its more realistic

I would love to have your free dove design.

Thank You!

I would love to have that beautiful dove and all the other monthly designs if possible. They are beautiful.

I would love to have the design for the dove.

Would love to have any of your doves...I think they're lovely. Thank you!

Your dove is beautiful and I would be pleased to have it. I enjoy your blog very much and appreciate you sharing your work and creative thought processes. Your designs are all outstanding!!!!

Oh please, may I have this delightful design. It is amazing. Thanks.

Love your dove and the stitching pattern that you used on the applique fabric. You always have such unique and creative ideas and this is exemplified in your new applique method. Would love to have your new applique dove design! Thanks!!

would love this months free design, if I am not too late

What an interesting technique! I want to try it!

I would love your Dove for this month. thanks for making it available.

Hallo, diese Taube sieht wunderschön aus und es ist eine sehr interessante Technik die du verwendest.

I don't know if I'm too late for this, but I love your dove, and would be grateful if I could try this for myself.

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