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Absolutely Fantastic! The colors and the multi stitch patterns that you chose to use in your last two artful creation zentangles are perfect.

Are you giving the zodiac's away, I would like the cancer one for my son, he is July birthday.
Augie Williams

The cancer is my sign (born July 4) and love every stitch of your design. Absolutely lovely.
Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Thank you, Teresa

Beautiful! I especially like the Cancer crab. It's hard to make a crab look interesting, and you did a great job.

Congrats on getting them all done, even with all the hurry-scurry in your life this summer.

WOW! These are so cool! I love all your little details like the spider webs and curly Q's. Will you ever have these designs for sale?
WOW again,

The zodiac designs are amazing and very decorative. You will be able to sell lots! Congratulations! They are lovely!

What a good finish to your Zodiac series. Like others, I am especially attracted by the crab.

Lovely new approach on the Zodiacs. My husband is Capricorn

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