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Glad you are back and nothing bad was wrong. I would love this warbler to go with my other birds. Thank you.

oh yes this is so nice please send thank you

Another beautiful design, I would love to have it.

Thanks Michelle

Would love to have this design to put with the white dove & the squirrel. Already have something in mind. thank you Mia.

Happy September, Mia.
Oh boy!!! Another birdie for my collection. Yeah!!! Love those birds.

Mia, glad for you that your internet problems are corrected. I also am happy that you have a mysterious free design for the asking! I would love to have it. I am one of the ones who has the "older" pe design. 7.12. Thanks for another great free design.

I would love to have this design. It is a very pretty design.

I would love to have the September Design-Thank You so very much- pauline

I'd love your flower and warbler design. Thanks.

Mia, OMG! I go nuts when my computer is just out for a day or two( or sometimes just an hour lol) or I can't access it for a few days because we are traveling. Love your new bird and I really like your combining regular embroidery with applique. I would love to have your new design and hope that you put up its companion design one day.

Thank you for the fine details in the bird and flower design. Please add me to the sending list for this design.

This design is so fresh - I like it! May I have it, please. Thank you!

Oh, Yes. I would really love to have this design. Thank you and I want you to know that it is very good to see you back

You SO remind me of myself; can't remember half what I should! Like you, I've done things, gone places, that I totally do NOT recall! Thank God I have my hubby who navigates the highways for me and reminds me where we have been! LOL Getting OLD is NOT the golden years people speak of, but it beats the alternative!

I would love to have this handsome warbler.

Thank you, Jawi

I can solve the mystery of the design. You were doing the flowers for me to put into a frame that looked like a window pane. They were called Mille Fluer Flowers and I asked if you would do a couple of them with some birds and these are the designs that you digitized for me. I will e-mail you the picture of my stitch out so you can compare it with yours.

Love the cheerful sunny vibe from this scene, would appreciate your forwrding it and look forward tot the companion piece.

I would love it please Mia!
Thank you very much!

Very pretty. I would appreciate to have it. Thank you!

Beautiful! Would love it in a pes file or zip please and thank you! VaL

I love all your designs especially the birds!!! Please send me the design.. Thank you so much for your generosity..

Cute design! Please share. Thanks

dear Mia

I would love to have the September Design
Thank You

best regards

TO FARMGAL VAL: you've blocked your e-mail address from Typepad, so I can't send you the design. Can you try again, and include your e-mail??


Could I please have the bird and flower free design, Thank you, Love your designs and am glad i found your site.

Could I please have the beautiful bird and flower design.

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