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How wonderful to see you set-up at the show with your work arrayed around you! Helps me picture better how you work... Thanks for posting the "action" photo.

Je suis admirative de la créativité des broderies
Que ce soit le fond, (réalisé en free ou numérisé) ou le cheval lui même, c'est très beau
Merci de nous montrer ces réalisations

It looks like you had a fabulous time at your show. Love your new horse and how the designs embroidered on the horse are also similar in color and style in the fabric background.

I love the water horse and the idea of the 4 elemental horses, and it's great that you invite folks to "please touch" at your booth at the show! I know it's exhausting, but I hope you had a great time interacting with people and showing them the process.

We missed you not posting last week, but understand how busy you were. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the show. I love your Water horse. He really stands out on the background fabric, almost tone on tone, only the horse is darker.

Love that the water horse looks to have such a fluid movement and can't wait to she all four when you put them together. My granddaughter at 11 has been horse-crazy for years! It must be something you never outgrow. What a treat for those able to go to that show to meet you and see how you work. And it's nice that it was fun for you too.

I just found you - and so glad. I would love a copy of the bird and flower design. Also, can I purchase your beautiful blue horse (shown above)?

Thank you.

Maggie Hubbard

Mia, love your horse, can hardly wait to see the elemental series when done. Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful horse design! So unique. Love your work and hope this is available soon.

Beautiful blues and beautiful blue horse...such a fresh, uplifting creation and I've enjoyed looking at it and reading your post.

Your horses are amazing. Please let us know when they are available.
Jane in Kansas

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