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Hi Mia, Happy Easter to you and your family!! Thank you so much for the Awesome Easter chick! I love the unfinished edge of the fabric. It adds some extra fuzzy to the edges and the little chick's feathers are magnificent.

Happy Easter, Mia! Thank you for the chick, such a cutie. I love it's fuzziness and colours are so sunny.

Thank you Mia,it's the perfect size. What a sweet Easter gift it makes.

Thank you so much for the design, Mia. Happy Easter to you and your family. I will have fun with this design.

Mia, Happy Easter to you and your family. Thank you for your scruffy chick. I love it when designs are digitized to be scruffy. It adds so much to the designs. Will be using it.

Very cute. I like her attitude, and I'm giggling at her name: Scruffy, the Easter chick. Thank you!

Yes, well, the original idea was to make her fluffy rather than scruffy! But I suppose I should be grateful for some kind of result!

Happy Easter! I like the rougher feathers looks like a real chick walking down the chicken yard.

Adorable! Yes, chicky feathers are all about sticking out here and there! Very cute and thank you!

Merci pour ce nouvel oiseau
J'attends toujours avec impatience vos créations

Thank you for this lovely chick! It is very inspirational! I love it!

Thanks again, and congratulations on going to the craft show. I'm sure you'll be a hit. I've just returned from Alaska and have some native art pix that I will send you as soon as I get organized.

Would love to have your little chick, so cute and thanks for sharing your talent!

I love your scruffy chick! Thank you so much!


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