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This is great! Looks like our yard in the fall. I like crows, they are very smart birds. I call them the snitches because they tattle tale to each other.

Very nicely done! What a great assortment of poses.
I agree with loving one part of the process and, while not disliking the other parts, being less enthusiastic about them. I find myself loving the planning process but, before the project is finished, some other bright shiny idea takes hold and I go off after that! What we all need is an assistant or understudy who can do the actual (boring?) work. And, in my case, it isn't that I'm doing work at your level. Mine are just run of the mill projects. So someone like you who have actual fresh creative ideas must find it very frustrating to have to stop to spend the time in execution and completion.
But then again, the execution is an opportunity to adjust and fine tune ideas and take your design to another level. Going back to it provides an opportunity to look again with fresh eyes.
What we really need are clones! :)

I love your design and the background that you painted looks just like a field recently harvested. Judy Z said it all.

Another beautiful design! I wasn't familiar with rooks and had to look them up as we don't have any here in the U.S. And, I agree with you that the stitching out process is just work and for me the fun is in digitizing the design. Of course, if it should turn out well, like yours do, then I feel a sense of accomplishment and therefore, the stitching out was well worth the effort.

I really like the way the rooks interact with the painted background. I think it's a great piece.

How large is the piece? I'm trying to picture it hung in the gallery.

Your rooks look spectacular highlighted in their majestic background of fall wheat.

Mia have you ever thought of taking your designs and having them printed into fabric. I just love the fabric you've painted with your rooks and think it would make a great fabric piece and sewn up into a shirt. Love the colors and love your little birds.

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