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Hi Mia, Super neat design1 I can just imagine looking up through a group of bare trees and seeing a flock of crows against a blue sky. Have a great week and will look forward to hearting about your trip when you get back.

Amazing, love how there is a "glow"! Have a great trip! Can't wait to see how you are inspired next...

Love these but crows are not my favorite as they wake me up around 5am in the summer! As far a jump stitches. As I don't digitize, I don't understand why the stitches can't be "ended" then jump to the new spot and start again. I don't understand why jump stitches are used at all. Plus, that gives the opportunity to change colors (even if just a subtle change from deepest black to charcoal). But again I have not digitizing experience. Love, love, love your work. Enjoy your holiday!

I hope this design will be available for purchase sometime. I have friends who collect crow themed art and this would be perfect for them. Have fun in London!

Love the crows. They are great. Enjoy your stay in London. Hope to hear all about the different exhibits.

My favorite bird. Love the way they fall and are quite the guard birds. Family oriented and are real clean up scavengers. Envy your trip to London. Know you will have a wonderful time.

Fail should have been talk

Very interesting technical exercise! I wish all my experiments turned out so great. The sense of movement makes the piece.

Thank you for sharing it with us and have a great holiday in London.

Mia, love it! And how cleaver to have one design without jump stitches, all monochrome. Hoop and thread the machine and just let it do its own thing. So every efficient with your time. Have a great time in London.

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