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Hi Mia, Thank you so much for the first part of this magnificent design!! I particularly like that you can use the designs as one large piece or individually as separate pieces.

Wow, you are so generous to share such a beautiful piece with others.
I thought this was so beautiful when you posted it.
Thank you so much!

Mia, thank you so much for taking my suggestion. I am so looking forward to using these designs when I can get into my studio.

Thank you so much!! I see it on a woven cotton peasant dress or tunic!! Can't wait!

I hate to be the partypooper, but the bell2freev6 will not open for me. The first one opened just fine, and it is beautiful I must add. I tried to redownload it several times, but it always says unrecognized file format.???? Isn't the first one the same format?

Mia thank you so much for sharing your bell pull. I can hardly wait for the next freebies. I agree the Ramona above this would be a beautiful panel on a dress. Your colors are beautiful. Thank you.

Thank you very much. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

Thank you so much! That’s a beautiful bell pull.

Thank you so much for the beautiful designs!

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