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It is interesting how you can learn new techniques from almost everyone--even those whose work are a bit unconventional. It pushes us!! I love your work because I am not an artist but can always appreciate your shapes, fills, and colors.

Wow, Mia, these really pop! I have started to delve into using lots of seemingly clashing colors in my quilts lately, too, and it is refreshing! Great job on these fish! Keep up the good work! I KNOW you will do the same with birds next.

Hi Mia, Absolutely spectacular! I love all of the color combinations, various types of stitches, and the various design elements that you used in these vey creative fish.

Mia, yes these fish are a lilttle different, I love the unique designs and the vibrant colours used. Some times you have to push the boundaries to be tested, I think you have done a terrific job with the designs and the textures in each of these fish. WELL DONE! I I look forward to what you will achieve with more of Elke's unusual artistry.

Love, love, love this! How you dream up all the patterns, textures, and colors is beyond me...and I'm jealous. I also appreciate your finding and introducing us to new artists. I found Elke's work, and love her colors - very colorful things make me happy. I do prefer your more beautiful renderings, though, and these fish are wonderful! So admire your talent!

Mia I like your patterns and colours better. But I see that Elke's work would inspire her colours and shapes really do standout. Thanks for showing others work.

love them!!

Now these guys are really slick! Each has his very own look and his personality certainly shows. I would love to see one of these as a future freebie. They are all so charismatic. I like how you made a rainbow of fish rather than a school of them... a much better grouping, I must say.

I love them

Wow! Wonderfull, Mia. Such a new look!
Thank you for sharing!

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