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Mia, I love it the way it is. The birds are bright and stand out even with the bright leaves. I love how you have some rabbits and the dog down at the bottom of the panel with the flowers. Great design.

These are beautiful, Mia. They remind me a little of the William Morris set I have when you and MiaKay were selling designs, except those had no birds or animals. Good work! Love them.

Love it Mia Love the mix of birds leaves and rabbits and dog . The flowers at the bottom with the animals make it look like a country garden to me.

Mia, just changing the shade of threads makes a big difference, which is something I do all the time. No two stitch outs are the same. I personally think it is great. Love all the birds, they look like jack rabbits to me and a whippet on the bottom. GREAT work as usual.

it's stunning! love it the way it is, but you are right - it will probably look even better with the leaves in a lighter shade. keep up the good work!

So much going on in this piece! I enjoy looking at it over and over to see new details.

I admire your courage in putting this large piece together. I have yet to try one . Reminds me of the Medieval Tapestries. Thanks for sharing.

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