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Thank you Mia for the Christmas freebies. Yes the star will be very pretty with Mylar, I don't have any, however I think glitter material would be nice too I shall try that. The bird is also lovely, maybe some glitter through that as well. Endless choices, just finding the time to stitch at the moment. Thank you again for your lovely gifts.

Hi Mia, Thank you for the beautiful Christmas bird with holly and mylar star designs. I think glitter fabric or metallic thread would be lovely for the star, holly berries, and bird too. The star would be lovely stitched out using 2 layers of clear vinyl or mylar with some glitter sandwiched inside to use as an ornament. Thank you so much Mia for your beautiful gifts.

Mia Now I will have to find my Mylar I bought a very years ago and put away so I would know were it is. I think I will use some glitter fabric with the little bird and holly.
thanks so much

Thank you! Now to get some mylar... 😊

Thank you again!! I have been wanting to try mylar.

Thank you for your nice designs as usual. I have yet to try mylar.......don't know why, just dragging my feet. I think it looks great.

Thanks for the link to the poem. I had not heard of it.........so cute, as are your cats !!

Thank you very much!!!

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