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Hi Mia, I definitely like your revised design better, as the second design has a flow that resembles a more normal tree. The square shape was rigid, whereas the revised tree has a relaxed feel to it. Thanks for sharing another one of your awesome designs.

I like them both - rounded one feels not so rigid, but on the other hand two beautiful birdies are gone. I cannot decide which I like more ... :)
Thank you Mia for sharing

Gorgeous design.

Beautiful! Both. At first I saw only the top one, and loved it. Then as I scrolled down and saw the second version, I loved it too! I see what you mean, and agree with the cup-shaped bottom, though. However, even if a design isn't perfect to you, it looks pretty darned good to we who aren't experts!

Hi Mia, I'm going well what is wrong with the first tree, then I saw the second one. Yes, the second one is better but I also liked the first tree. Thank you so much for allowing us a look at your thoughts on the designs.

Merci de partager vos réflexions d'analyse d'un motif
Cela peut vraiment nous aider

I really like both trees, Thanks for showing your designs

Ooo! Love this design!

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