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Oh, goody! I love Art Nouveau, too! So elegant and more artistic - to me - than Art Deco. Not so geometric...curves instead. These are both lovely, but I prefer the second one, #4. Thank you for sharing them, and their predecessors! Freebies - What about your beautiful tile-like designs? The William Morris iris & carnations, of course, but there are several other really pretty ones. They would make interesting sets of cushion covers or throw pillows, stitched on handbags or totes, linens, all sorts of things.

froggies have a special place in my heart, and it would be fun to see them in your special style. and ofcourse, i love your birds!!

Mia, thank you for the freebies they are wonderful. I have appreciated all the designs you have so generously given us. My particular love is the birds, bell pulls, individual, and in the tree designs, these have been super and so versatile. What ever you choose to do next will be amazing , as you put a great deal of time and effort into each and everyone you do. Hope you had a lovely easter and you were able to be with loved ones. At the moment we have no lockdown, but things can change very quickly. We hope to take a few weeks away soon in our caravan, catching with friends and family, we have not seen for some time. Stay safe and well.

I would love to see a horned toad lizard. Horned toad is the symbol of justice for our nation and is also a beautiful creature in his own right. I haven't seen one elsewhere, so your take on him would be both unique and lovely!

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