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Oooh! This may be an all-time favourite among all your beautiful designs! Just gorgeous. I prefer Art Nouveau to Art Deco because of the fluidity and grace, which you have captured beautifully. I'm glad to discover a new-to-me artist, whose style I love at first sight! (Must research further.) Your 21st Century interpretation is spot-on; he would surely be pleased to inspire an artist so many years in his future. A lovely tribute, Mia!

Hi Mia, Your interpretation of this art nouveau artist through your digitized flowers is magnificent. You flowers exhibit a graceful elegance that Arthur Mackmurdo would surely have appreciated and admired.

This is beautiful!

Mia, I love your embroidery interpretation of Mackmurdo’s lines and curves. A lovely job indeed.

Hey, I thought that birds were your thing! But Im really glad you like them - its a huge compliment

The question of the exact name of an art style is difficult. I think that Mackmurdo is mostly thought of more as an Arts and Crafts person rather than Art Nouveau, but it really makes so little difference. Personally I think that the movement and artistry of his designs are more Art Nouveau, but a real artist wont fall neatly into any particular category - he just is who he is

Also I think that he is better known as an architect than an artist - and its not easy to find a lot of his work. But again it doesnt much matter

Anyway, glad you like his work! I must do more research on him myself

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The wave and angle of these flowers is luscious. Love them as I do all your work!

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