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Hi Mia, I love how the freehand stitch over the gray appliqued fabric turned out. It really produced a neat 3D effect. As always your hand painted fabric is the perfect background for the different personality that each crow represents. Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for sharing this spectacular design.

I absolutely do not see any mistakes! The crow panel looks perfect. I love the personality you captured and the painted fabric background really draws the eye and sets off the antics of the crows. Great job!

I guess I just like arty stuff. This appeals to me more than some of the colorful flowers (which are very pretty but don't draw me in as much).

Hi Mia,i am back home after extensive travelling only to be locked down again. The virus is in our area again, so limited to what we can do. I have been following all the wonderful posts even though I have not commented on them I have loved them ALL , I must say the detail in these crows is amazing, and you have captured their personality perfectly. The stitching is unique and very different, I just love it, you are so talented. The flowers and birds have been a pleasure to view, and i look forward to the coming weeks and seeing your wonderful work.

You've done it again! Surprised us with another unique design and your trademark style and presentation! It isn't just a few crows, because the painted fabric and overstitched appliques make it a work of art - again! I'm a raven fan, but crows are as close as we get here and I so enjoy their mischievous antics. Your embroidery captures their curiosity and alert attitudes so well - how do you imbue your birds with personality? Once again, we're all impressed by your fertile imagination and talent, and thank you for sharing them with us.

You have done it again. The crows are center stage as they should be. Love it love the crows the are so smart.

Best murder of crows I've seen in ages. Love how soft they are, and how unique each is. The only "mistake" I can find is maybe the one's eye is a bit wonky, but if you are sweating that little missed stitch, you can rest assured that's a no-biggie.

I love your crows and all of the different poises. The background fabric is fantastic!

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