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It is an exciting piece. It looks exactly like the birds around the edge of my yard in the bushes. I look forward to hearing comments from others.

I have a few sparrows in my garden at the moment, I am watching them flit in and out amongst the plants after bugs in our cold windy weather today. They are delightful little birds, ours are mostly dull browns but very intriguing to watch. Yours have a bit more colour to them and I am sure just as inquisitive and active. You have done a great job capturing their personality. WELL DONE. There is sure to be some great comments on your images.

I know almost nothing about birds, but I can picture my beloved mammals in that wind. Most of the ones I know would definitely have their noses pointed into that strong wind instead of away. That probably indicates the difference between a life lived by the nose instead of by the wing.

I think your design is beautiful, and it represents a lovely windy day with birds in various positions of either being stationary or in flight on a bright spring, summer or fall day.

I really like it. You can feel the wind blowing. Sparrows are so nice to watch

Wha’s not to like about sparrows? I think this piece is fabulous! 😄

I like the movement. It gives a freeing and real feeling. I like and and now have it in my memory! Thanks for showing us.

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