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Hi Mia, love the fish, they look great. The design looks densely stitched, and I have a suggestion for you to think about with different decorations you could use. MYLAR , which may not have been around when you created these designs originally. It has quite an effect when used in designs with not so many stitches, I think something like this would glisten with fluro threads and scale like stitches, perhaps your scribble technique would have a dramatic effect. I don't know how difficult this sort of thing is to digitise, or, if it is at all possible. I would be interested in your thoughts.

Hi Mia, I really love these fish!! The colors, the various stitches that you used, and the patterns on the fish add a special touch of creativity. The digitized ripples in the water really add to the effect that the fish are swimming. The suggestion from an earlier commenter of using mylar for a glimmering effect is a great idea. The use of glittering netting might be kind of neat to try too.

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