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The fact that he thought it was a fine art work was a nice compliment. Not wanting it when he found out it was a handworked embroidery is his loss. Perhaps he sent the ladies to get it for him. Men!

It is a stunning piece of art! I do correct people who want me to make a blanket for them or a label for their quilt and call it a "patch". We have to continue to educate our clients. LOL

People are weird. I participate in an art market and can’t believe the things people say! My favorite: “ You’re prices are kinda high. Do you sell any?” How rude!
Luckily there are plenty of art lovers who appreciate our work and understand it’s value.
Congratulations on a successful event!

How bizarre and funny! I mean, I think it would be obvious that the piece was embroidery. How did he miss that? What did he think it was instead? And why react with horror? Sheesh. As someone else stated in the comments, people are weird. I’m glad the rest of the show went well and everyone else appreciated your stunning embroidery (as they should!! :)

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