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Your designs are always so fabulous because you manually digitize your designs. Have a Wonderful fun and relaxing Christmas break!!

Happy Holidays to you too! See you in the new year!

I can agree with you on the designs. Only someone who is familiar with the look of a creation like yours understands the weeks and long hours spent on such perfection.

Have a relaxing holiday.

Merry Christmas

Hope your holidays are delightful, and look forward to reconnecting next year. :-)

Ah, Mia - you hit the nail on the head. When you try to tell people about manually punching, if they have no idea what it is all about, they think all you do is press a button and voila! You have an embroidery design. Therefore, for those of us who know your designs AND know a wee bit about digitizing, you are a true artist! Happy holidays to you, too!

I am impressed even with the sketch! (Drawing is just one of the things I can't do.) Your imagination in putting the birds in such an arrangement, luckily, is equalled by your skill in drawing and digitizing the design. Love all the textures and stitching in your work - most things I see are just flat stitching. Looking forward to seeing more in the New Year...maybe you could imagine and draw a Wild Highland Haggis? If anyone could do that, it would be you! In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas & Hogmanay!

Hi Mia,
I’m an art collector, amateur art historian and educator and wanted to get in touch to let you know that I have just created a two-part video profile on your mom and her career on my Instagram page. I don’t know if you use Instagram but if you do or you can ask someone who does to show you, the posts are both at the top of the @art.relived Instagram page.
I would love to show them to you and also to connect at some point as I have two of your mother’s paintings in my collection. My collection and project is focused on overlooked artists from the past who deserve more recognition and I believe your mom’s story and career is due more attention today. My email is [email protected] and I do hope to hear from you and that you’ll have a chance to view the Instagram videos. Jon

Hi love the movement you created with the birds on this design. Beautiful!

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