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Lovely fish, are they meant to be in that position? I am not familiar with Celtic design.

Maybe you are longing for chocolate, I have been studying the Maya glyphs and the one for cocoa or chocolate is a fish with other parts added to it.

I cannot seem to find the download link.

I love your fish, the colors, the interconnections, and the shapes.

THANK YOU! Im very glad you wrote just now because I have SUCH an embarrassing message to write!

Its about your Christmas card, which I have ONLY JUST NOW discovered! You wont know, of course but we had several weeks of postal strikes in the UK in December, which meant that we didnt receive any mail for two or three week, and then when the strikes were over, we got huge stacks of mail all at once

And then I had to go and fall over and ruin my pelvis and hip, which meant that I couldnt walk or do anything useful for a good many weeks. So all sorts of things got piled up and my poor husband only really paid attention to things like bills and things like that, and personal letters just sort of got ignored

Which meant that I have only now found your lovely card. It was just so touching to see how you had remembered me, and it was painful to realise that you might have thought that I didnt appreciate it

Anyway - THANK YOU! And we can have as many chats about art as you like!

Love from Mia

These little guys are rather interesting. I like them a lot. Your designs are so creative, as usual!

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