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Thank you, sorry I haven't been posting lately.

It's always horrible when your computer dies! even when you have everything backed up, you still need to put everything back in place, get the settings in order and reinstall all your programs, etc. i personally hate it when that happens and definitely feel your pain!
however, more often than not, it's fortunately not the harddrive that dies, and you can actually take it out of the carcus and simply put it in a "cover" (sorry, i don't remember the english term right now...), and then connect it to the new computer with an usb cord as an external drive. you can then find all your files in their original folders, and "simply" copy them to the new hard drive as is. if you have lot of files it takes time; hours or even days when the computer works on its own, but the work is still there atleast!
when it's done (and you've got the settings as you like them) you have everything as it was, but in a brand new computer! ;-)

Hi Mia, thanks for the awesome spring tree! We did what your other person commented on when our old computer died unexpectantly. A computer shop took the hard drive out and put it in a case that enabled us to access what was on our old computer and copy it to the new one.
I had problems with my computer last week because this pop up out of the blue kept coming up telling me to click on it and buy their software, and although Bill tried everything he knew to get rid of it, it would not go away. It popped up every minute or two and Bill and I thought it was a virus. Luckily, our grandson works with computers and was able to get rid of it for me. Hope you start getting some spring weather soon. We are certainly hoping for some spring weather here.

Thank you for the pretty spring tree. Might be a "No-Mac" tree. :-)

It is awful to have such computer troubles. I hope it all gets straightened out and your files are all recovered.


That's terrible about your old computer dying, but at least you have your files backed up! Hopefully you'll get them copied over soon, and your new computer will feel more comfortable.

Thank you for the beautiful tree.

Thank you for the lovely tree.

So sorry to hear that you are experiencing computer trouble, every embroiderer's nightmare! Hopefully things will quickly get back to normal.

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