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Wow !!! You do amazing work. I love your designs. Congratuation !!!! I am so happy for you.

Hi Mia, Congratulations on your successful NEOS show!! Your embroidery pieces are always beautiful and stunning so that it is not surprising that you not only sold everything that you had made, but could have sold many pieces several times over. Congratulations on all of your new commissions that you made during the show too. Hopefully, you will get even more commissions from the people who are introduced to your embroidery pieces from friends of those who purchased your works at the show.

Whow, I was shure, thar you would have so much success!You know that I use your designs for family gifts I make and wish that you could see in their eyes while they get their birthday parcels and other gifts.My heart was with you during this NEO show! Will send you pics with the newest bags I created here.Have a fine time!!

Je me réjouis avec toi du succès que tu as rencontré
Tes broderies sont superbes et originales
Bonne récupération

Hi Mia, I am so happy for you that NEOS was such a great success, and to get some commissions is terrific. You will be one busy lady, after recovering from such a busy time. The birds are amazing, I can see why there was competition for your embroidery pieces, you are so talented, with a varying array of subject designs. WELL DONE, you should be very proud of yourself, as we all are.

I am not surprised about folks clamoring for those two pieces. The more you look at them, the more there is to see.

Congratulations on your huge success. I can see why the birds in the tree were so popular, they are so bright and refreshing to look at, they cheer the soul and bring a smile. What a happy feeling.

The fall embroidery is also cheerful with a beautiful sky giving us good thoughts. After so much trauma around us, these help us to feel some comfort.

Linda V

That’s wonderful that your work was so well received! Of course, it just made more work for you. ;-)

Isn't it wonderful to receive such accolades for work you put your heart into producing? Very proud of you, Mia. Attagirl. Keep up the great work.

Dear Mia, I am happy for you! You deserve your success, you put so much effort and heart to your work that everybody must feel it from your pieces of work. Best wishes, Lenka

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